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Best Credit Unions in Michigan for 2021

Key Takeaways

You’re Unique

We may be the “United States” but every state might as well have its own economy.

You Love MI

You love your community and your people. Shouldn’t your bank love them, too?

You Need a CU

Okay, so banks don’t love anything — except profit. A credit union is different.

“If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.” Michigan’s state motto is just the tip of its charm iceberg, complete with idyllic rolling farmland, access to four of the five Great Lakes, and the *occasional* dumping of lake-effect snow.

Plus Detroit! What’s not to love?

Michigan may not be topping many travel destination bucket lists (we love you, Michigan), but to the lovely folks who live there, the Great Lakes state is… well, pretty great.

It boasts more miles of freshwater shoreline than any other state in the country—3,000 to be precise. *flips hair* And they’re the most agriculturally diverse state in the United States, which is also cool I guess.

Best credit unions in Michigan

If you live in Michigan and are considering switching from a traditional bank to a credit union, you’ve come to the right place. Credit unions offer perks and incentives that Michiganians will love, almost as much as they love Michigan itself.

Credit Unions vs Banks

TL;DR: Traditional big banks thrive off of taking money from you. Credit unions are member-owned organizations that financially empower the communities they serve.

Unlike banks, the credit union model is based on shared ownership. Traditional banks funnel their profits up to a few rich white guys in suits. Whereas credit unions give money back to their members, helping you build wealth over time.

Duck with money eyes gif

Credit unions are community driven. No big federal banks that don’t give a rat’s hindquarters about your financial wellbeing. Credit unions are often small, locally operated organizations. That’s why they offer a banking model that works to reduce wealth inequality and give back to their surrounding communities.

If you’re tired of astronomical fees and interest rates at traditional banks, credit unions offer lower interest rates, lower fees, and lower requirements to qualify for credit. Good luck getting that kind of treatment at a bank.

The moral of the story? Credit unions offer banking that makes it easier for you to qualify for loans and accrue wealth, with personalized customer service from locals just like you.

Don’t Remember Why Credit Unions > Banks?

We got you.

Check Out This Breakdown

Best Michigan Credit Unions

Credit Union ONE

Credit Union ONE is driven by their motto: People Helping People. Founded in 1938 by a group of 15 Michiganians, they are committed to treating all members with honesty and respect, while providing exceptional value through their comprehensive suite of banking services and perks. They have 25 branches across Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City. And they give back to those communities in major ways by partnering with a variety of healthcare and education organizations in Michigan.

DFCU Financial

DFCU Financial has branches in Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Grand Rapids. Founded in 1950, DFCU is a long-time trusted credit union in Michigan, offering a wide scope of in-person and online banking services. They also offer free finance webinars for all members, covering topics like debt-free living, healthy credit, retirement readiness, student loans, and more.

Frankenmuth Credit Union

Voted Forbes 2020 Best Michigan Credit Union, Frankenmuth Credit Union offers personalized financial solutions to empower FCU members and their communities. Founded in 1964 by employees of Carling Brewery, FCU has grown to offer 27 branches around Michigan. Plus, the FCU Foundation has donated more than $2 million to local communities in need since its founding in 2014.

Genisys Credit Union

Founded in 1936, Genisys Credit Union has grown to be one of the largest credit unions in the nation, with more than 200,000 members, 32 branches, and 30,000 fee-free ATMs in Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. They offer a full-service contact center, mobile and online banking, and the best products and services to help improve your financial wellbeing.

Honor Credit Union

At Honor Credit Union, they *honor* their promise to provide solutions for your financial success. They boast low rates for members, plus a slew of perks and discounts on everything from amusement parks to cell phone plans. Honor is committed to local Michigan communities through grants, scholarship programs, and hosting community events.

Lake Michigan Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union was founded in 1933 by a local school teacher who was motivated by the shortage of money during the Depression. Today, they have more than 400,000 members across Michigan. LMCU offers personal and business banking to help you earn more and pay less. They offer a comprehensive list of services including checking and savings, home and auto loans, investments, insurance, and more. Plus, tons of financial wellness resources to help you make smart financial choices.

Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union

MSGCU’s mission is to be, “a caring organization dedicated to promoting financial success for our members.” They prioritize great rates and low fees, because they measure their success by the financial success of their members/owners. Plus, they love to serve Michigan through volunteering, donations, and free educational programs for the community. They serve Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, Genesee, Lapeer, Livingston, St. Clair, and Washtenaw counties.

Find the Right Credit Union for You

If you are considering switching to a credit union, it’s good to know your best options. But keep in mind, there are 219 credit unions in Michigan with more than 1,100 branch offices around the state!

The best part about banking with a credit union is that they care about you. So it’s important that you choose a credit union that fits your specific financial needs. Maybe you need a credit union close to your home or office. Maybe your highest priority is mobile banking. Maybe you’re trying to get approved for a personal loan but your credit score isn’t great.

There is a Michigan credit union for whatever your financial needs are.

Find the best credit union for your financial needs. Whether you’re paying off your student loans, trying to finance a house, or just looking for the best rates on a checking and savings account, there’s a credit union that can meet your money management needs while giving back to the communities you love.

You love your state.

Your financial institution should, too.

Find Your Credit Union

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