Best Credit Unions in Georgia for 2020

Key Takeaways

You’re Unique

We may be the “United States” but every state might as well have its own economy.

You Love GA

You love your community and your people. Shouldn’t your bank love them, too?

You Need a CU

Okay, so banks don’t love anything — except profit. A credit union is different.

Sweet tea, peaches and southern hospitality isn’t all Georgia has to offer. The state is a major film and arts hub — ranked #5 in the world for film and home to the world-renowned Woodruff Arts Center. Georgia is also home to the largest aquarium in the Western hemisphere?!

If you’ve lived in Georgia for a while, you know there’s so much more Georgia has to offer. And you want to support your state however you can.

So here you are, reading this blog post, because you’re already looking for credit unions in Georgia, right? But you’re probably looking at others, too. And while there are plenty of great national credit unions out there, there’s one awesome reason to choose a Georgia-based credit union: it helps support your own community.

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Think of a national bank. Who owns the bank? Bankers with a lot of money.

And how do they get that money? By profiting off you via fees and ridiculous interest rates.

And what does this do? It makes the rich, richer and the poor Georgians, poorer.

So all your friends and family in Georgia who bank with, well, a bank, are losing their money to faceless bankers in fancy suits who probably don’t even live in Georgia.

A credit union, however, is owned by its members. So any money a credit union makes goes right back to those members in the form of fewer fees and better interest rates and even scholarships for students and affordable (or free) financial programs.

Simply put, choosing a local credit union helps to distribute wealth among your own community. Georgians supporting Georgians!

Don’t Remember Why Credit Unions > Banks?

We got you.

Check Out This Breakdown

That said, are the best credit unions in Georgia.

Best Credit Unions in Georgia for 2020

Delta Community Credit Union

First up on our list of best credit unions in Georgia is Delta Community Credit Union. It’s the biggest credit union in the state and offers many different types of accounts and loans. DCCU is also extremely involved in the community. They support Children’s Miracle Network through their partnership with Credit Unions for Kids and support causes through their Philanthropic Grants Program to assist with the physical and financial education of young people and families. They have also created a Financial Education Center with online courses, seminars and workshops to help members build good personal finance habits and meet their financial goals.

Georgia’s Own Credit Union

Georgia’s Own is next on our list of best credit unions in Georgia for good reason. They care a lot about transparency and offer annual reports to their members so they can see where the credit union stands financially and what they’ve accomplished that year.

They’re also involved in their community and founded the Georgia’s Own Foundation which serves the community by fundraising and volunteering for organizations providing healthcare and educational benefits for children. Their 501(c)(3) aims to deepen our impact within the communities they serve.

Atlanta Postal Credit Union

Atlanta Postal Credit Union is Georgia’s oldest credit union. They care deeply about their community, which is evident on their website where they write:

  • A person’s character and desire to repay a loan are as important as their income.
  • Our members’ needs and financial well-being come first.

They have plenty of options for loans and take pride in improving the financial wellbeing of their community, which is why they made it to the list of best credit unions in Georgia.

The Biggest Isn’t Always the Best

These credit unions are some of the biggest credit unions in Georgia, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right for you.

In fact, the best credit union in Georgia for you could be right down the street. These smaller credit unions sometimes have fewer service offerings, but because they serve a smaller community, their customer service is often out of this world. And if you’re especially concerned about serving your community — as in your neighborhood or town — a smaller, local credit union might be the way to go.

Don’t live in Georgia? Check out our Best Of lists for other states!

You love your state.

Your financial institution should, too.

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