Best Credit Unions in Colorado for 2020

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Love Your State?

Everyone seems to love Colorado, but YOU know it has so much more to offer than just hot springs and skiing.

So Should Your Bank

Why line the pockets of bankers who don’t even live in Colorado when you could give back to your community?

Can’t Find One?

Banks that care about you and your specific community are hard to find, but credit unions are not!

There’s one thing all Coloradans have in common: they think Colorado is the greatest place on Earth. And I don’t blame them. From mountains to marijuana, Colorado offers something fun for everyone.

In fact, it’s home to some pretty cool people, known for their adventurous spirit and love of the great outdoors. The Centennial State offers some of the best places in the world to hike, camp, ski and snowboard. And for those who call Colorado home, you can experience endless adventures through some of the country’s most diverse wildlife just outside your front door.

But if you’re reading this blog post, you probably already know that. And you know that Colorado has so much more to offer than skiing and rock climbing.

If you live in Colorado and are considering switching from a traditional bank to a credit union, you’ve come to the right place. The good news is, credit unions offer quite a few incentives that jive with the pioneering spirit of Coloradans.

You Love Your State.

Your financial institution should, too.

Find an Credit Union

For starters, the credit union model is based on shared ownership. All members are owners. So instead of lining the pockets of a few rich bankers, credit unions give money back to their members. Which helps you build wealth over time.

They’re also community driven. No big federal banks that couldn’t even find Pikes Peak on a map. Credit unions are often small, locally operated organizations that care about the communities they serve. Which is why they offer more personalized customer service and a banking model that works to reduce wealth inequality in your community.

And if you’re sick and tired of being charged absurd fees and interest rates at traditional banks, credit unions offer lower interest rates, lower fees, and lower requirements to qualify for credit. Because it makes sense for your financial institution to provide services that actually support your financial well-being.

So to recap: traditional banks are big, national corporations driven by greed and credit unions are local, member-owned organizations driven to financially empower the communities they serve.

Okay, moving right along. Now that you’ve decided to go with a credit union, here are the best credit unions in Colorado for 2020.

Best Credit Unions in Colorado

Credit Union of Colorado

First on our list of best credit unions in Colorado is Credit Union of Colorado. Credit Union of Colorado prides themselves on treating every member like a co-owner because, well, they are! That means personalized service and no schemes or upsells. Plus, they funnel profits into better interest rates, lower fees and dividends for you.

Their foundation gives back to the community by awarding grants to help build a better future for Colorado. Whether you’re looking for a mortgage, auto loan or friendly online and mobile banking, Credit Union of Colorado is one of the very best in the state.

Credit Union of Denver

If you live or work in the surrounding Denver area, Credit Union of Denver offers smart banking to help you meet your financial goals and improve your life. The cost of living in Denver is high, so the Credit Union of Denver offers resources, education and banking solutions to help you achieve financial stability and accrue wealth. Plus, they prioritize keeping operating costs low and membership returns high.

best credit unions in Denver

Whether you’re interested in personal banking, loans or insurance, Credit Union of Denver is a dependable lifelong financial partner, offering services and education from childhood to retirement.

Ent Credit Union

Ent is for people, not profit. They offer lifelong value to their owner-members with higher dividends on savings, decreased rates on loans, lower or no fees for services and Ent Extra Owner Rewards. Everything from their service centers and mortgage department to their call centers are located in Colorado, so you’re always speaking with a Coloradan who cares.

While you enjoy personalized service and local attention, you’ll still get best-in-class products and technology to manage your money from anywhere. And because they love Colorado so much, Ent provides funding and support to help local communities and charities each year.

Denver Community Credit Union

If you’re looking for an experienced, local financial mentor in the Denver area, Denver Community Credit Union offers classes, workshops and free online courses to help you with financial planning. And when it’s time to make your plans into reality, they offer a wide scope of services to help you do so.

From personal banking to home and auto loans, Denver Community offers local banking services to people living or working in Adams, Arapahoe, Jefferson and Denver counties. And because they’re a credit union with a long history of serving the greater Denver community, they can offer low loan rates and higher interest savings accounts to save you money. Plus, they have been recognized as one of the 50 most civic-minded companies in Colorado!

Sooper Credit Union

Last but not least on our list of best credit unions of Colorado? Sooper. If you live in Colorado, you’ve probably shopped at King Soopers. In 1951, eight King Soopers employees with only $157 in capital banded together to form Sooper Credit Union. They saw a need for a different way to do banking, and have grown to serve 36,000 members in the Denver area and nationwide.

When you become a member at Sooper, your savings account acts as a “share” in your ownership of the credit union. That’s why Sooper is invested in providing a financially stable future for each of its members in the form of lower rates on loans, higher interest on deposits and better customer service. It’s their way of “paying it forward” to the communities of Colorado and beyond.

Find the Right Credit Union for You

It’s no surprise that Colorado offers a variety of established, community-driven credit unions. Unlike traditional banks, those credit unions are investing back into Colorado’s people and communities.

If you’re going to trust a financial institution with your money, shouldn’t that investment benefit you instead of them? Yeah, we think so too.

While these are some of the best credit unions in Colorado, it’s important to find the credit union that perfectly fits your financial needs. That could mean choosing a smaller, local credit union that’s right down the road.

Tired of National Bank that Don’t Give a Sh*t About You?

Go local! Credit unions not only care more about you, they care about your community.

Find Your Credit Union

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